A bit about Lisa McKenna, founder

How'd you get started? By the time I was 21, my work was already receiving high profile recognition. My media designs for WLVI-TV (CW56) were seen in the station's news broadcasts and in TV Guide. That same year, my package design concepts for Esteé Lauder for Men became the product line's brand for several years. Switching gears to corporate design, I landed a job at ODI, a management consulting firm where I met Mary Kiene, the future co-founder of LIMA Design — my next and current (ad)venture.

Wasn't that enough? Hell no it was just the beginning! Once I got my hands on the first iPhone in 2008 I was hooked. I wanted to make apps right away for women, and I opened Curious Marie. I soon released Tryst, a communication app for romantic partners in 2010. In 2013, I attended the Startup Institute Boston, where I learned the beauty of programming — my code is now being used in their curriculum. Going back to school mid-life caught the eye of actress Justine Bateman who featured me on her Smarty Pants Women blog (read more about it). My time at SIB showed me that a generation gap exists in the tech sector, especially for women. This inspired me to add something to my bucket list: a way to help educate and motivate not only young women but also those in their prime (and awesome) years to pursue passions in technology. It's time we start celebrating the gaps, and not be ashamed by them anymore!

Why the name? It's a play of words from my two middle names and totally represents my beliefs. I make sure this little company I've built is continually curious about what makes people tick -- because really, that's what it boils down to in developing awesome products that people love.

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food photography ©Curious Marie, LLC

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