I love apps. 

I've been a devoted Mac user for 23 years now, and when the iPhone entered my life in 2008, I was instantly in love.  Two years ago I set my sights on creating beautiful apps tailored for women. I broke into the app-sphere with my premier app named Tryst, subtitled "an app for lovers". After that, I became a fanatic for apps that provided the user with not only a gorgeous UI, but truly worked in the most streamlined manner.

I love books.

This past year I  ventured into eBook design and publishing, and love it. My first book design broke hot out of the gate and rose to #13 on its first day in Amazon in its category. I look forward to taking new authors to the same heights!

Why the name?

It's a play of words from my two middle names and totally represents my beliefs. I make sure this little company I've built is continually curious about what makes people tick -- because really, that's what it boils down to in developing awesome products that people love.